HealBe Gobe 2 redux 1

For those that care, I've uploaded a second youtube vid on the subject of the HealBe GoBe 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbE0Dmr2MPI Again, I'm really not trying to become a tech reviewer - but it's an interesting bit of kit with relatively little balanced information about it to be found online, so I wanted to share my thoughts. … Continue reading HealBe Gobe 2 redux 1

Product Review – Healbe GoBe 2

An unusual post here which I didn't really set out to create, but found fun nonetheless. In my quest for a better me - fitter, healthier, more balanced, wiser, smarter, happier, more fulfilled, etc - I tend to recruit technologies. These vary from gadgets to supplements. I never intended to review them, but I wanted … Continue reading Product Review – Healbe GoBe 2

Dietary Supplements

TL;DR Beware overdosing on fat-soluble vitamins (D, as an example), as these accumulate in the body and may introduce health problems. Consider your diet, and whether you actually need supplements (in general, and on any given day). Pay attention to your body for symptoms which might tell you you're deficient (fatigue, etc) or have blood … Continue reading Dietary Supplements