This is an indulgence. That won’t stop me trying to make it sound like an important mission though.

We all want to find ways to be a little better. How to be stronger, faster, smarter, healthier – aren’t these questions we all want answered?

The problem, though, is that where there is demand there is commercial opportunity for people to offer solutions, and that can lead to us being overwhelmed by people selling at us.

In a world full of people pitching technologies and modalities for ways in which we can become stronger, faster, smarter and healthier it can be difficult to filter the signal from the noise.

I’m a natural early adopter. That means that if someone tells me that cold showers and hydrogen water are good for me, I’ll naturally want to give it a shot.

I want to be more critical in the way I lavish my resources, and to avoid getting sucked into “fads” – and this is where this blog comes in.

This blog will help me be more thoughtful in my adoption of ideas in two main ways:

  1. by forcing me to look behind the claims and investigate the substance and science behind them, and;
  2. by working through my thoughts and making them coherent enough to publish.

I can only confidently recommend the Big Five personality model to people as a tool they might find useful if I put the work into understanding it properly myself, and this blog will be a tool for doing just that.

Along the way, perhaps I can help others build some confidence that there’s a there there when it comes to these ideas.

That’s the mission part out of the way. Putting all that to one side: I enjoy writing and this gives me an opportunity to do more if it.

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