I’m trying to upgrade myself in all sorts of ways at the moment. I’m paying attention to advice from people that seem to have sensible things to say about nutrition, well-being, productivity, etc. (Max Lugavere, Sam Harris, and Tim Ferris being a few examples from a growing pantheon), and this blog is a tool to help extract value from those efforts.

I think it’s important that if I’m going to be taking cold showers and chugging down apple cider vinegar every night, then I should understand the arguments for this seemingly absurd behaviour.

I think it’s true that when you teach (or explain) something you’ve just learnt, you get to learn it twice (a favourite mantra from another of the pantheon, Jim Kwik). Jotting down a quick summary explaining something I’ve just learnt from a book or podcast is my way of forcing myself to do a bit more research, and checking that I’ve paid attention and really understood the thing being discussed.

So, this isn’t for you, dear reader, if you even exist, it’s for me.

It’s also not about me. I won’t intend to express opinion, although I’m sure I’ll fail. This isn’t about me spreading my wisdom, such as it is, it’s about me distilling the things I’ve learnt to better understand them.

That said, it’s also about one more thing. It’s also a creative outlet for me, outside of my work; so please excuse the occasional creative indulgence.

I think it will pan out so that there’s a mixture of research into scientific claims and short essays exploring a subject and its history.

There’s a lot to learn about, so I’m certain that, in time, it will cover everything from health and well being, to philosophy, psychology and economics.

I’ll also develop a glossary as I go. Whereas posts are there to help me understand ideas, the glossary will do the same for terms or words. This will help me focus on the ideas in the post, and mean I won’t have to repeat my understanding of terms as they apply across multiple posts.

I will keep and eye on comments if they’re useful in stimulating debate and helping me understand something (which is my hope) but I’ll ignore or block them if they represent the worst of what we know the internet is capable of.

And that’s it. Let’s see how the experiment goes. Will it help me gain some expertise across a range of subjects? Let’s find out.

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